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Salt Depths

was a solo exhibitions based on two separate bodies of work: Landscapes through His eyes (Grief Landscapes) and Of the Sea Floor. 

Artist Statement: 


Observation is the backbone of living. Making, recreating and reimagining. This body of work revolves around the natural reimagined. It could be fished from the sea or secluded in some far away mountain range. 

    Depth by definition measures vastness- space. It also occupies an emotional state, something below the surface that requires digging and investment. This work explores that state of space both physically and emotionally. The sea floor requires submergence to reach its treasures, creatures and plants. On the other hand mountains are like an inversion of the sea floor, a destination, a direction. They require a climb to reach something larger than oneself. 

    What happens when these depths become more than just physical destinations? Are physical entities able achieve more than themselves? Are landscapes able to hold sadness, convey grief, become a representation of a memory?  Are flowers hopeful? Can coral sing? 

    In Salt Depths, the ceramics and drawings are two different memories attempting to be heard, one of childhood memory of the sea and the second of grief of a best friend. Both memories silently sing their siren songs from the depths to the top of the mountain. 

Landscapes through his Eyes (Grief Landscapes) 

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