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Landscapes Through His Eyes: Grief Landscapes 

Artist Statement 

On Valentines Day of 2017, my best friend lost

his battle to depression and took his life.


He was born and raised in Stroudsberg, PA,

smack in the middle of the Appalachian

Mountains. The weekend following his death,

I traveled to his families home. On the drive

there, as far as the eyes could see were

beautiful hills, mountains, and farmland.

Sights that I personally did not see everyday

but gave me comfort knowing that he did. After

his death, I began to sculpt the landscape of his



The main heart of this project is centered

around four large scale grief drawings. These

are based out of painful direct responses,

moments and movements of the grieving process.

As the series continued in a smaller scale, the pieces

which were once chaotic and frenzied begin to become

more clearer and more vibrant. 


Loss is difficult. It is choking, paralyzing and altogether crippling. In a way these drawings are my way of communicating with him. Of telling him, I’m still here, and listening and watching. 



His eyes were donated. Someone is literally seeing through his eyes. This brings me an enormous amount of joy. 


In this series I also see through his eyes.


Mixed Media  


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