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I find comfort in the  mysticism in nature that is normally disregarded- mystical moments and memories that go unnoticed and ignored. My work revolves around the relationship between my illness and mysticism. Intention, attention and transformation of these beautiful objects. The collection of naturally made things create an impact when viewed together, putting seashells into a jar, collection rocks, leaves, and flowers.


As a child these small talismen objects are found and kept, but as adults we tend not to appreciate the everyday small moments. There is a higher priority to daily domestic life.

Vegetarianism: the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat

Talisman: an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

Totem: a natural object or animal believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and adopted by it as an emblem.

Animism: the belief that all plants, animals, and objects have spirits

Relic:  something that is from a past time, place, culture; an object (such as a piece of clothing or the bone of a saint) that is considered holy

Sickness and Mysticism  Artist Statement

Pain, Pain and Healing? 

I wondered what would happen if domestic objects and these natural objects were combined. If transformed both these objects would transcend their original purposes? Would the everyday in the man made world combine with the organic natural world, would they compliment each other or just oppose each other?

A friend spring of my junior year brought me to his family farm in New Hampshire. On one of the farms there was a hanging deer carcass that had just been shot and gutted--I had been a devoted vegetarian since my freshmen year of highschool.  I was so fascinated with this carcass, it’s an image that has stuck with me in my art as well as my dreams which lead to my Sacrifice series. Fall of my senior year, the same friend gifted me with found skulls and bones that he collected and cleaned from his childhood. I found myself so enthralled with the quiet vibrancy of these no longer living animals. Although a direct contrast to my dietary beliefs, I found that I treated these objects as holy relics to my vegetarianism religion. Due to this, I worship, respect and admire these no longer living creatures because I do not consume their flesh.

The sculpture/objects I create are intended to be apart of a Wunderkammer, a cabinet of curiosities. They could be a talisman, totem, a reliquary, relic, or used in a religious ceremony. All of these objects  are held together, hold meaning, hold each other, but there is an act of holding include.

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